Google Trends, is a free tool that provides access to actual search requests across Google Search, YouTube, Shopping, and Images. By entering a keyword or a topic, you can explore what the world is searching for in near real time.

With 75,000 Google queries per second according to 99firms, Google Trends helps you to see the things people are—or aren’t—searching for, almost in real time. You can use these insights to adjust your marketing strategy and ensure you’re meeting the needs of your customers.

While the world is burning, here few ways you can use Google Trends to navigate this uncertain time:

Quickly find major trends. Check Google Trends' Latest Stories and Insights such as "Coronavirus Search Trends" to explore curated insights and see how people are searching for a topic.

See a term’s popularity over time. The “Interest over time” graph helps you understand if a term’s popularity is steady, seasonal, or influenced by isolated events.

Expand your research. Determine the top and rising topics or terms that are associated with any search to uncover your customers’ needs.

Adapt your strategy to local conditions. The heat map highlights countries, regions, or cities where a term is popular.