Website site owners can measure the quality of their site’s user experience with a set of metrics called Core Web Vitals.

It serve as a proxies to measure the quality of a site’s user experience. They are Largest ContentFul Paint (loading), First Input Delay (interactivity) and Cumulative Layout Shift (visual stability).

You can access these metrics within Google Search Console at

Incorporate core web vitals into Google Analytics.

Google has begun to incorporate these metrics into a variety of different tools such as Page Insights and Search Console. The Page Insights tool provides results based on software checks. Collecting vitals from real users provides data “in the field” which can be more relevant

Sending these metrics to Google Analytics using the web-vitals JavaScript library is straight forward. Note that capturing web vitals will only work on Chromium-based browsers (for the most part) as described here.

- Add the web-vitals library to a web page

<script type="module">
  import {getCLS, getFID, getLCP} from '';


- Copy this, which sends the Core Web Vitals to Analytics.

function sendToGoogleAnalytics({name, delta, id}) {
  // Assumes the global `gtag()` function exists, see:
  gtag('event', name, {
    event_category: 'Web Vitals',
    // Google Analytics metrics must be integers, so the value is rounded.
    // For CLS the value is first multiplied by 1000 for greater precision
    // (note: increase the multiplier for greater precision if needed).
    value: Math.round(name === 'CLS' ? delta * 1000 : delta),
    // The `id` value will be unique to the current page load. When sending
    // multiple values from the same page (e.g. for CLS), Google Analytics can
    // compute a total by grouping on this ID (note: requires `eventLabel` to
    // be a dimension in your report).
    event_label: id,
    // Use a non-interaction event to avoid affecting bounce rate.
    non_interaction: true,


- You should be able to view the web page's Core Web Vitals in the Top Events report in Analytics as you see in this screenshot:

Web page's Core Web Vitals in the Top Events report in Analytics

Here the thresholds websites need to meet.

Mobile and desktop scores may differ significantly. It being recommend to run separate audits for desktop and mobile.

According to research by Akamai, users expect websites to load in 3 seconds or less. It helps to keep an eye on these 3 core web metrics vitals. Now you can incorporate these new more nuanced metrics in Google Analytics that can help to tell how users actually perceive the loading of a page.

If you want to send the Core Web Vitals metrics to Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager, please contact me